Aftercare Program

Aftercare Program

Aftercare – Grades

Our Grades Campus provides daily aftercare which includes monitored free-play, snack-time, games, and homework time (as needed). If your child stays in aftercare, please include a nutritious snack for the afternoon. Aftercare at our grades site concludes at 5:30p.m. The program is entirely drop-in based. It is not necessary to sign children up. Anyone who is not picked up by the official pick-up time, is put in the care of our Aftercare Teacher on the playground. (It is helpful to let your child know ahead of time or call the office so we can relay a message to your child if they are staying at school longer.)

Aftercare starts 10 minutes after the beginning of the official release time of each grade.

Short stay rate:

Children staying until 4:00 pm (or 2:00 pm on Thursday,) are charged $10. (This is a slight change, as last year we allowed the children to stay for 1 hour from their release time which is staggered.)

Regular stay:

Any stay past 4:00 pm (or 2:00 pm on a Thursday or an early release day) is charged as follows:
1-50 days: $22.50 per day.
51-100 days: $20.00 per day.
101 days or more: $17.50 per day.
Thursdays: add $15 for the longer aftercare.

Parents picking up children from Aftercare must park and come to the playground to pick up their child. We are not able to release children to anyone who is not on the ‘authorized to pick up child’ list which the parents provided to us at enrollment. If you would like to add someone to the list, please send an email to with the legal name and phone number of this person.


Aftercare – Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Campus provides an Extended Care component in the afternoons which requires children to be signed up ahead of time. Starting October 9th, we will be able to accept children on a drop-in basis as well. Extended Care is a wonderful opportunity to interact with the children from other classes, and more time to enjoy what our Early Childhood program has to offer. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share this time with your children. Children engage in guided crafts, inside and outside play, stories, movement and games. A typical week will include artistic activities such as drawing, beeswax and clay modeling, baking and seasonal crafts. A brief rest time is provided to help those transitioning to a longer day. Please include an additional snack for your child for this program. Extended care is dismissed at 3p.m.

How to sign up?

Please email Deb Mele, the Office Manager in the Early Childhood building at with your request.

Children may be signed up for the entire school year or for certain months only. When signing up, please tell us how many days and which day(s) of the week your child will be attending. If you need to make a change later, please notify Deb in writing a few days in advance, so we can adjust our staffing needs if necessary.


Regular Aftercare Rates (for children who are signed up):

First 50 days of Aftercare attendance: $27.50 per day.

Days 51-100: $25.00 per day.

Days 101 and more: $22.50 per day.


After October 9th, children may attend our Aftercare program without signing up, as long as a parent calls Deb in advance. Children are accepted on a first-come first-served basis, up to 13 children total per day.

Deb’s phone number in the office isĀ (561) 452-3618.

Drop-in Rate:

$35 per afternoon, regardless of the length of stay (1:00 pm-3:00 pm).