Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Programs

During the first stage of childhood children are learning and experiencing the world primarily through physical activity. The nurturing environment and daily gentle rhythm of the early childhood programs at Sea Star provide plenty of opportunity for children to learn and engage in meaningful ways through purposeful work, exploration and creative free play.

Children are engaged through practical work such as grinding wheat, kneading bread, chopping vegetables, gardening, sewing, and simple wood working.

Every morning the children gather in circle for finger plays, movement, song, verses and rhymes to inspire a love of language and develop fine and gross motor skills. Mid-morning, a wholesome, organic snack is shared at a beautifully set table.

Daily free play (indoors and outdoors) supports each child to trust their intuition, inspiration, and ability to solve problems as they create worlds with their imaginations while connecting to each other and with nature.

An artistic activity such as crayoning, watercolor painting or beeswax modeling is woven into each day. The morning draws to a close with the teacher telling a story, a time for listening and quiet reflection. Stories are told from memory and special attention is paid to the words chosen and their pronunciation to fully engage the children’s imaginations.

Sequencing, sensory integration, hand-eye coordination, appreciating the beauty of language and other basic skills necessary for the foundation of academic excellence are fostered in this truly natural, loving and creative environment.

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FALL 2017/2018 TUITION:

Application and enrollment fees:
$50 application fee (new students only)
$150 new student registration fee once student is accepted – nonrefundable (new students only)
$300 enrollment fee on execution of contract / agreement if enrolled on or before March 19, 2017.
$500 enrollment fee on execution of contract / agreement if enrolled on or after March 20, 2017.

Rosebud Nursery
 (Ages 3.5 Р4):
If enrolling on or before March 19th: Four days a week $7,700. Five days a week: $9,056.
If enrolled on or after March 20th: Four days a week: $8,085. Five days a week: $9,509.

Buttercup and Morning Glory Kindergarten (Ages 4 – 6)
If enrolling on or before March 19th: Five days a week $9,056.
If enrolling on or after March 20th: Five days a week $9,509.

Tuition is to be paid in 11 equal monthly payments for all families starting in June 2016. An accelerated single payment or four payment option is also available.
For families that register over the summer, the payments will be adjusted to equal payments for the number of months remaining in the school year at the rates listed above for enrollments after March 19th.

For re-enrollment: A $500.00 nonrefundable enrollment fee.