First through Eighth Grade

First through Eighth Grade

During the second stage of childhood, (from the age of six or seven until around the age of 14) feelings are of primary importance to children. They begin to understand the world through their responses to experience. Our curriculum is inspired by Waldorf Education and offers a full spectrum of Academic Subjects which are taught not only intellectually but experientially and artistically as well.

The children’s journey of learning and self-discovery is guided by an education inspired by Waldorf who consider each child’s abilities and challenges individually. The distinguishing feature of Waldorf Education is its academic and artistic depth. The subjects come alive in an atmosphere of engaged learning where the children are fully immersed in the subject matter finding meaning and purpose in everything they learn. This relevancy is the key to remarkable students and exceptional human beings.

Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Foreign Language are supported through the integration of a rich Arts Program that includes Movement and Circle Activity, Form Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Knitting and Crocheting, Beeswax Modeling, Gardening, Cooperative Games, and Music to include Singing, Recorder, Violin, Speech, and Drama. Learning experiences involve and integrate the whole body and both hemispheres of the brain.


Enroll Now!

Application for Enrollment in Grades 1 through 8

Process of application:

  1. Take a tour of our school during one of Visitors’ Mornings.
  2. Apply by filling out our online application form and pay a $50 application fee.
  3. Meet with the class teacher for your child’s grade. Discuss questions and concerns, and get to know your child’s future teacher.
  4. Your child is invited to spend three days at our school in their grade.

Once this process is complete and both your family and Sea Star feel that this the right school for your child, we send the parents an email inviting them to enroll via our online enrollment system.

FALL 2017/2018 TUITION:

Application and enrollment fees:
$50 application fee (new students only)
$150 new student registration fee once student is accepted – nonrefundable (new students only)
$500 enrollment fee on execution of contract / agreement.

First to Fourth grade: $12,150

Fifth grade: $12,500

Sixth to Eighth: $12,850.

Tuition is to be paid in 11 equal monthly payments for all families starting in June 2017.
For families that register after June 2017, the payments will be adjusted to equal payments for the number of months remaining in the school year.

For re-enrollment: A $500.00 nonrefundable enrollment fee.

Sibling Discounts

We offer tuition discounts for siblings:

10% off for second child

20% off for third child

30% off for the fourth child


Drop off times: 8:30am to 8:40am
Class hours are: 8:45am to 3pm.
Pick up times: 3pm to 3:20pm depending on Grade, except for Thursday which is between 1pm and 1:20pm.
We also offer aftercare until 5:30pm everyday.